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Prison Escapade

Prison Escapade is our very first escape game, where (not suprisingly) you have to escape from a prison. Let’t save your life and be free again!
Games 2 Attack

Games2Attack Prison Escape

This area is highly guarded and inmates are not ordinary personalities. People detained here are high profile criminals. They are treated differently and locked up here is just like

Squadfish Prison Escape

Prison Escape 3 takes place in the new correctional facility in the center of the city. Suppose you are the most wanted notorious criminal in the world and authorities

Zozel Prison Escape

Once upon a time there was a high security prison named Zozel Prison. The high security area is a place for thieves and burglars. The building is elevated high
Eight Games

Carabanchel Prison Escape

David is imprisoned with a crime that he did not commit. He identity was mistaken because he looks like the real crook. Contained in a prison with injustice and
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